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I-FELN Forli 10 Sept 1987238 viewsMeteor FL.54 c/n 1125 built 1958 by Meteor SpA Trieste
Forli 10 Sept 1987136 viewsI noted an SAR S-61 coded 15-15, two G222 46-26 (MM62126) and 46-28 (MM62123), CC74 and CC83 (MM81047) Jet Rangers of Caribinieri, CC103 (MM81226) A109, GdiF132 A109 (MM31222), MM7065 Tornado 6-55.
Fiat G.46 Forli 10 Sept 1987140 viewsFiat G46-4B MM53312 c/n 188 ex I-LEOR. Restored since.
with Aermacchi M-416 I-AELW behind, since also restored.
PS-57 Forli 10 Sept 1987125 views
PS-62, PS-A97 Forli 10 Sept 1987127 views
Tom Boyle Forli 10 Sept 1987137 viewsRoyal Air Force Tornado demo pilot (ZE116 'AL' 9 Sqn). RAF also provided Andover C.1 XS637 60 Sqn, ZA436 'GB' 20 Sqn, ZD809 'AA' ??
Forli 10 Sept 1987120 viewsYour guess is as good as mine!
I-AEFU Forli 10 Sept 1987133 viewsStinson L5 Sentinel '298592' ex-42-98596, MM52873. Since has received overall khaki green scheme with '298596' ident in yellow and without those awful taped on codes.
Forli 10 Sept 1987130 viewsSpad S.VII, possibly a replica
I-AESV Forli 10 Sept 1987140 viewsAerosviluppi AS10 c/n 001 Constructor A. Mainini, powerplant KFM107E, 30 HP. Apparently a victim of Italian bureaucracy, but at least one is flying, regd 29-RU / F-FHNK
I-LATT Forli 10 Sept 1987135 viewsMacchi MB308 c/n 5914/136, originally built as an MB.308I seaplane for the Aero Club di Genova
80-0204 Forli 10 Sept 1987130 viewsA10A 'WR' USAF 81TFW, with 80-0208 and 80-0180 (flying)
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