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Little Gransden 25 July 199376 viewsCan't remember what Mark said this was. Believe brought in from the Russian tundra and used as a pattern for a new build, but not sure. Have to ask him. Remind me pls.
G-BOAC LHR Sept 198691 viewsConcorde, spotted on my way to the Farnborough Air Show
Miles Gemini EI-BHJ177 viewsat Shoreham (reg corrected...)
ML407/G-LFIX Goodwood 10 March 198788 viewsBuilt in 1944 as a Spitfire LF Mk. IX c/n CBAF.8463 and converted in 1950 to a two-seater trainer for the Irish Air Corps as No. 162. For full history please refer to http://www.ml407.co.uk/history/

In background Pilatus P.2 G-BLKZ (silver nose)
N222LT Baden-Baden (Oos) 24 Sept 199593 viewsHelio H295 Super Courier c/n 1442
Unfortunately written off upon landing at Madikwe Game Reserve, NWP South Africa on 22 June 2009. Thankfully the owner Nick Hanks and his wife Christina walked away from it (after flying all the way over from the USA!).
N75ST Egelsbach 199284 viewsGlasair III listed as Bond Arthur G SH-3R c/n 3215 built 1991 named 'North Wind'. Piloted by owner Mathias Stinnes and co Heinz Bitterman who took part in the Round the World Air Race 1992. Taken on the day I went up for a flip in D-ENSC.
N7777F Wellesbourne Mountford 28 Sept 199783 viewsPiper P-46T/G Malibu Meridian c/n 4622016. Took part in a race (or rally) as part of the World Air Games held that year in Turkey. I met the crew during a stopover in Strasbourg on 12 Sept. Assume they came here to visit with the British participant, Mooney G-MOON. N7777F is still active.
OE-FDS Cognac June 199893 viewsPiper PA-31T Cheyenne. OE-FDS c/n 31T-7720056. ex N82169 of Fam Dr. Peithner preparing to leave Cognac for a trip down the Dordogne to Sarlat and Brive on one of the Gourmet Tours organised by Marcel Large
OE-KXW Hughes 369D Filzmoos Austria Jan 199095 viewsHelifly c/n 70-0748D. to G-BNMY, N1091A, and HB-ZBQ. Built in 1980
OK-LCC London Heathrow ca 1959108 viewsAvia 14T. OK-LCC was originally c/n 033 703111 (with CSA 06/1957-1966) transfered to Czechoslovak AF as 3111, converted to FG 07/1967 (windowed nose) version.
Oranienburg Air Base June 199783 viewsMirror on main gate reflecting sentry box, still in place then. Animal farm nearby where David (10) crawled into the cage with the tortoises!
G-BHTH Oxford Kidlington 28 July 199481 viewsNA T-6G Texan c/n 168-176 ex N2807G, 49-3072
Fatal crash landing 13 March 1995 when owned by John Woodhouse, (who owned our swimming Pool!) but rebuilt as G-TEXN 10 years later.
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