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N911FR Bournemouth 198567 viewsMolly Frampton of FR Aviation posing for me. Molly worked with Rich Rhoades and John Myers, both ex-Red Arrows.
FR Aviation Bournemouth 198568 viewsA typical lineup of their still US-regd Falcons, N900FR, 904FR and 907FR. Seems I took the film out outside...hmph!
DHC Chipmunk WP805 at Fairford150 views
G-BSWA Compton Abbass 24 Mar 1995106 viewsLuscombe 8A Silvaire c/n 2707 ex-N71280
G-BRUB in background, PA28-161 Cherokee Warrior II c/n 28-8116177 ex-N8351Y
G-TART Compton Abbass 24 Mar 1995103 viewsPA-28-236 Dakota c/n 28-7911261 ex-N2945C
Unidentified aircraft crash in the Somme 19 Oct 191693 viewsnear the village of Longavesnes according to the text on reverse of original.
D-EHLU from Baden-Baden Tower 24 Sept 199580 viewsSettling the fees in preparation for departure back to Egelsbach
D-EHLU from Baden-Baden Tower 24 Sept 199581 views
D-EKMY Baden-Baden-Oos 16 May 198788 viewsBölkow Bo.208C Junior c/n 514, ex-G-ASAS, D-ENCY. The BA colour scheme could have something to do with its previous British owner.
D-ELFK/G-AAHW Baden-Baden-Oos 16 May 198796 viewsThe legend on the prop says: 'For sale by auction - Best offer on Sunday at 2 p.m. Klemm 25 built 1929, Salmson AD-9 40 h.p.' It was the very machine I was allowed to sit in at Thruxton some 25 years earlier. Acquired by Jozef Koch and restored to airworthy condition she now carries reg D-1652 (D-EFTE).
D-ELFK/G-AAHW Baden-Baden-Oos 16 May 198791 viewsThis lovely Klemm 25 was up for auction at one of the regular aircraft sales at B-B. It wasn't until I checked much later that I discovered it was the very machine I was allowed to sit in at Thruxton some 25 years earlier. She is now (or still) in the Koch collection in a natural wood finish and airworthy, at the former Russian air base at Grossenhain.
D-ELLD Denham 22 Aug 199887 viewsPA28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV c/n 28R-7931303 ex-N8090P
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