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Fieseler Fi 103 V 1 Aviodome Schiphol May 1993125 viewsFlying Bomb
'PH-MAD' Aviodome Schiphol May 1993118 viewsDH.104 Dove (actually Sea Devon) c/n 04453 ex-XJ350 painted to represent PH-MAD
SE-AFI Aviodome Schiphol May 1993123 viewsAvro 671/Cierva C30A Autogiro c/n 735, ex-LN-BAD J.L. Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrikk, ex-LN-BAD, AF-99(LN), SE-AFI, 'PH-HHH'.

No. (6)34 in background is a Fokker C.5D biplane (ex-312, '618')
A-38 Aviodome Schiphol May 1993108 viewsDH82A Tiger Moth c/n 83101 ex-R5242
076/V Aviodome Schiphol May 1993141 viewsSikorsky HO4S-3 of Kon. Marine
c/n 55-471, this heli started life as USN 133777, then to Kon Marine as 8-2, then 076
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