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MiG-17 17r Khodinka 25 Aug 1995114 viewsc/n 1215391 with dummy in cockpit...
3 ZVLÉ-2 Khodinka 25 Aug 1995111 viewsPrimary glider
30 or 71 or 74b L-29 Delphin Khodinka 25 Aug 1995111 viewsDOSAAF c/n 395406?
KS-1 Kometa Khodinka 25 Aug 1995113 viewsThe first Soviet cruise missile to enter limited production was the air launched KS-1 Kometa or AS-1 Kennel, which was essentially a derivative of the MiG-15 Fagot airframe, built as an anti-shipping weapon. Development was initiated in 1947 resulting the first missiles entering service during the Korean War period, carried by the Tu-4 Bull, a reverse engineered Boeing B-29. The Tu-4KS variant was equipped with the K-1M X-band radar and provided beam riding midcourse guidance for the Kometa ASCM. Once the Kometa was near enough to the target, guidance switched to the K-2 semi-active homing seeker in the nose of the missile, relying on illumination from the K-1M radar.
Lavochkin La-17R Khodinka 25 Aug 1995106 viewsc/n 50115
Tu-123 Khodinka 25 Aug 1995120 viewsc/n 5401106 scrapped Sept 2002
Tu-141 Strizh 12y Khodinka 25 Aug 1995130 views
ICBM Khodinka 25 Aug 1995144 viewsc/n 540 005
Su-? with much detail stencilled on Khodinka 25 Aug 1995132 views
Su-? with much detail stencilled on Khodinka 25 Aug 1995145 views
Su-? with much detail stencilled on Khodinka 25 Aug 1995142 views
Yak-27 08r Khodinka 25 Aug 1995171 viewsc/n 0507 ventral radar pannier at rear
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