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'MM53211' / ZI-4 Southend Airport 17 Feb 1981112 viewsFiat G.46-4B c/n 71 Italian AF. After stripping down in 2008 it was found to be c/n NC.32/MM52799

Apologies for quality and fences, it was cold, closed and I had little time to spare. Further info here: http://www.southendtimeline.com/museumaircraft.htm
'XE364/485J' Southend 17 Feb 1981109 viewsHawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 Actually XE489/G-JETH (went to Gatwick Museum).
With Casa 2.111 (Spanish-built Heinkel 111)
XH768/7929M Southend 17 Feb 1981108 viewsGloster Javelin FAW.9. Sold at auction in 1983 and moved to Mönchengladbach, in 1995 to the Parco Tematico dell Aviazione near Rimini, Italy. Repainted as XH707.
'MM53211 ' Southend 17 Feb 1981112 viewsFiat G.46-4B c/n 71 Italian AF. After stripping down in 2008 it was found to be c/n NC.32/MM52799...!
With Beverley, Mitchell and Lincoln
52-7133 Southend 17 Feb 1981108 viewsRepublic RF-84F Belgian AF FU-6. Ex USAF 52-7123, c/n 6771. Moved to Rochester after HAM closed in 1983 and since stored at RAF Cosford.
Also in photo Meteor VZ638/G-JETM. To Gatwick Museum
29640/08 Southend 17 Feb 1981116 viewsSaab J29F Swedish AF. To Midland Aircraft Museum, Coventry
VZ638/G-JETM Southend 17 Feb 1981112 viewsGloster Meteor F.7
To Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood, Surrey
On the right Javelin XH768/E
Southend Museum 17 Feb 1981108 viewsBeverely, Fiat, Mitchell, Scout XP165 (hardly visible), Anson, Drover, Viscount, Saab, CASA...
Southend Museum 17 Feb 1981105 viewsBeverley, Fiat, Mitchell, Scout, Anson...
Southend Museum 17 Feb 1981106 viewsAnson, Drover (VH-FDT went to Lasham), Viscount nose, Saab, CASA, Sea Hawk, RF-84F, Meteor...
Southend Museum 17 Feb 1981106 viewsSea Hawk, RF-84F, Meteor, Javelin
G-BEYE Southend Airport 17 Feb 1981111 viewsHP Dart Herald 401 c/n 172 Panavia Air Cargo Ltd in Air Algerie colours.
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