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140481 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197977 viewsNorth American T-28C Trojan
c/n 226-58 2P-270 of VT-6 Whiting Field NAS FL. Displayed courtesy of the Museum of Naval Aviation Pensacola FL.
In the background A4D-2 (TA-4B) 142928 AK-067 c/n 11990, since repainted as NL-302 and sometime 5L of VMA-134.
XB-GEY Pima Air Museum 28 April 197980 viewsNorthrop YC-125A-NO Raider c/n 2521 ex-48-0636, N2573B. One of 13 built in 1950 she was soon withdrawn and stored at Sheppard AFB. Sold abroad to a bush operator in Mexico and donated to the museum by Robert Gallaher.
See pics here: http://www.abpic.co.uk/search.php?q=XB-GEY&u=reg
53-3982 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197983 viewsMartin EB-57D-MA c/n M-006 converted from an RB-57D for electronic countermeasures duty. To MASDC as BM0143 June 2002 and 2005 transferred to the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB
N15SA Pima Air Museum 28 April 197966 viewsLockheed R5O-5 Lodestar c/n 2411 Impressed as BU No. 12481
XB-LAJ Pima Air Museum 28 April 197965 viewsDouglas B-18A Bolo c/n 2505 ex-37-505 and N67947. With Mexico 1968 Olympics markings. As N18AC transferred to McChord AFB Museum
55-5118 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197964 viewsNorth American YF-107A-NA c/n 212-1 First of three built in competition with the F-105 Thunderchief (which won). On loan from Wright-Patterson, where 55-5119 is displayed.
44-35244? Pima Air Museum 28 April 197975 viewsThe black heap seems to be the Douglas A-26C (44-35244?) of The Devil's Own Grim Reapers (13 Bomb Wing). A WB-50D on the right (now at Castle Air Museum CA) and a US Navy Grumman F-11 Tiger between, which I am still trying to identify (thanks Dave!) Believe it to be 141821 F-11F-1 c/n 138
3397 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197971 viewsNorth American BT-14A Yale N4735G c/n 64-2150. Displayed in RCAF markings 3397.
Behind it the magnificent TWA Connie N90813
XB-GEY Pima Air Museum 28 April 197968 viewsNorthrop YC-125A Raider c/n 2521 48-636, N2573B, XB-GEY.
The museum was still in its infancy, started 1969 and opened to the public in 1972. I had to sign a chit indemnifying them from any claims through injuries, particularly due to rattlesnakes!
4505 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197962 viewsFairchild C-123B Provider 4505 (55-4505) c/n 20166 US Coast Guard Miami
41-15736 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197960 viewsRyan PT-22-RY Recruit c/n 1765, ex-NC54003
Now suspended from the ceiling of one of the halls.
Not sure what happened here, may have opened the camera too soon!
135620 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197964 viewsLockheed AP-2H Neptune c/n 7052 VAH-21, Sangley Point, Philippine Islands and Cam Ranh Bay South Vietnam, 1968
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