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53-0535 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197981 viewsLockheed EC-121H-LO Warning Star c/n 4350, Behind are C-124C 0-21004 and Boeing EB-47B 53-2135 c/n 44481 of 376th Bombardment Wing, Lockbourne AFB, Ohio.
I originally had the C-121 down as 53-0554 but you can read 535 on the nosewheel door!
50826 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197972 viewsDouglas R4D-8 (C-117D) Super Gooneybird US Marines c/n 15479/26924/43363, Current Markings: H & MS-27 (Marine Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron), Cherry Point, NC, 1968
ex-C-47B 43-49663.
N534J Pima Air Museum 28 April 197974 views Douglas B-23 Dragon. I seem to like this one! ex-39-0051. Preserved in black with gold trim.
Thor rocket in background.
29646 (N1082) Pima Air Museum 28 April 197962 viewsBeech UC-45J US Army c/n 7822 ex-US Navy SNB-2C 29646, then SNB-5 after rebuild, now exhibited with a fake civilian reg of N6000V (indicating the museum's address!). Behind is Martin PBM-5A Mariner, 122071 (N3190G), now indoors in overall glossy black!
49-0372 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197959 viewsBoeing KB-50J Superfortress c/n 16148
42-56638 (N4963C) Pima Air Museum 28 April 197967 viewsLockheed 10 Electra
44-78019 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197966 viewsCurtiss C-46D-CU Commando c/n 33415.
HB-ILY Pima Air Museum 28 April 197972 viewsBoeing C-97G Stratofrieghter Balair c/n 16657 ex-52-2626 with tail robbed from 0-22759. Built as a KC-97G Stratotanker. Leased to Balair for the Biafran airlift 1969/1970
N90831 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197968 viewsLockheed L-049 Constellation c/n 1870 TWA 'Star of Switzerland', ex-model C-69 42-94549 also titled 'Lake Havasu City' prior to coming to Tucson.
N1270N Pima Air Museum 28 April 197969 viewsFairchild M-62A-4 Cornell c/n FC-034 RCAF 10530 displayed unskinned. Manufactured by Fleet of Canada as Fleet PT-26
53-466 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197963 viewsDouglas RB-66B-DL Destroyer c/n 44347 JN USAF 39 TEWS
141796 Pima Air Museum 28 April 197962 viewsGrumman F-11F-1 (F-11A) Tiger Blue Angels # 1 c/n 113. In 1979 there were 3 Tigers here 141796, 141821 and 141853. On the left is 141853 ROHR#1 c/n 170 (transferred to Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo Memorial Airport CO) The Tiger on display now has Blue Angels tail No. 5 and BU 141824...
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