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11+02 ILA 199679 viewsTupolev Tu-154M FBS Flugbereitschaft der Bw. c/n 89A-813 'Open Skies'. Sadly, 11+02 was lost on 13 Sept 1997 in a midair with a USAF C-141 over the South Atlantic off the coast of Africa. 11+02 was not equipped with TCAS or a 'black box'. Questions were raised http://dip21.bundestag.de/dip21/btd/13/087/1308746.asc
RA-70937 ILA 199655 viewsMIL Mi-17MD c/n 95448
ILA 199652 viewsAtlantique Marineflieger.
D-CHSW ILA 199670 viewsBeechjet 400A c/n RK-84 ex-N8138M (HSW=Hilde Schmitt-Wolfe). Deregd 2008, to OE-GFB, cancelled 2011.
N811SB?? ILA 199667 viewsCanadair RJ Regional Jet. Bit of a mystery ship, can't find any gen on its appearance at ILA
HB-VLN ILA 199666 viewsBeech 400A c/n RK-94 ex-N3051S, to N585G, N681WD, current.
HB-FOE ILA 199666 viewsPilatus PC-12 c/n 102
G-OMIG/6247 ILA 199664 viewsSBLIM-2A (MiG-15) c/n 622047 built by PZL-Mielec. Now in Brazil with the Museo Asas de um Sonho.
D-EEXE ILA 199666 viewsBücker (H.A.W.) Bü-181D Bestmann (Gomhouria 181 Mk6) c/n 148, ex-SU-325. Reg repainted in exotic typo which I find horrible. Often seen in the UK. Based in Giessen-Lutzellinden.
HA-AAI ILA 199673 viewsBanhidi Gerle 13 c/n 4 replica built 1988 and now in the Kozlekedesi Muzeum Budapest.
D-HZPD ILA 199645 viewsMIL Mi-2 c/n 538840114 Brandenburg Police c/s 'Adebar 13' ex-D-HOIM, DDR-VPH. Sold to Dem Rep Congo as TN-657.
29+18 ILA 199652 viewsMiG-29 c/n 2960526310 of JG-73 Laage. The crew in the foreground is not from the MiG but the Phanton just visible on the left.
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