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Our Stand at Cannes June 198673 viewsIt did brighten up on the second day...! Behind F-GENV is GENI, a TB-21 TC Trinidad c/n 500
F-GENV Cannes June 198673 viewsSocata TB-20 Trinidad c/n 617 to D-EKMR
Our Stand at Cannes June 198667 viewsTrouble was, the roof was simply bamboo leaves, and not at all watertight. We simply joined with others in their hangar plots, and talked business 'internally'.
I-HANS Cannes June 198673 viewsZlin Z-50 LA c/n 0002 built 1980, for sale in Locarno 2015

Apologies here for the poor and few photographs, but they suffered from water damage and I have rescued the remains.
F-GEPS Cannes June 198670 viewsCessna TU206G Stationair 6 c/n U206-05021 on floats
F760 Cannes 18 June 198671 viewsLooks like an SE5a replica but no details found
F-AZBA Cannes 18 June 198676 viewsBleriot 11 (XI) with Anzani 60 engine, oldest aircraft in the Jean Salis collection and which he flew across the channel in 1965 and 1969
F-AZAR Cannes 18 June 198675 viewsDeperdussin Monocoque 1913
F-AZCA Cannes 18 June 198674 viewsDH89A Dragon Rapide c/n 6541 ex X7381, G-ALZF, F-BGON
Still in the Jean Salis collection 2015. Took part in the Paris-NX Air Race 1981 as 'Blue Way'!
F-ZBEP Cannes 18 June 198671 viewsReims Cessna 406 Caravan Vigilant c/n F406-0006
D-AICH Nice Airport June 198680 viewsPossibly for my flight home to Frankfurt after the show
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