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Cranfield 3 July 1998123 viewsSquadron Leader Bill Purchase (right) and Dave Gill visited our stand to express thanks for our support of the two Chipmunks WP 833 and WP962 that circumnavigated the Northern Hemisphere in 1997, together with support aircraft Islander G-PASU.
PH-BPM Cranfield 3 July 1998116 viewsLancair 360, C/N: 747 'Popeye'
G-RONA Cranfield 3 July 1998117 viewsNoakes Europa PFA 247-12588
OY-CUA Cranfield 3 July 1998124 viewsLancair 320i C/N 01289-408, ex-OY-8902
Cranfield 3 July 1998112 views
G-BWAT Cranfield 3 July 1998113 viewsPietenpol Air Camper c/n PFA 047-11594
N494TW PFA Rally Cranfield 3 July 1998122 viewsI note that we were sponsors, but they still wanted money from me to go on board...
VH-UFZ PFA Rally Cranfield 3 July 1998123 viewsLang Kidby, proud owner of this very lovely aeroplane. Four days later he had an accident at an airfield in Suffolk and though only slightly injured, the plane was a wreck. He sent me photos. Within 8-1/2 weeks however it was rebuilt, and after showing at Farnborough he set off for Australia, which he reached in December!
VH-UFZ PFA Rally Cranfield 3 July 1998122 views
N494TW PFA Rally Cranfield 3 July 1998122 views
G-SHOG PFA Rally Cranfield 3 July 1998123 viewsColomban Cri-Cri, world's tiniest (manned) twin-engine aircraft. Tim Senior, shown here, would take off from the roof of the Shogun when it had reached take-off speed...
VH-UFZ PFA Rally Cranfield 3 July 1998138 viewsManchester-built Avro 594B Avian II cn R3/AV/127 later converted to Mk IV ex-G-AUFZ, then VH-UFZ. Preserved as G-EBUG/N7083 which was a 1928 Avian cn R3/CN/101
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