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MiG-21F-13 705 NVA Dresden 5. Nov 1990170 viewsentrance to VEB Flugzeugwerft Dresden Airport. Later to Flugplatz Welzow.

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An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 1992182 views
An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 19 Sept 1992259 viewstaken from Tiger Moth D-ENDI
An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 1992209 viewsscrapped on site 1995
996 Antonov An-14 Ptchelka Armee Museum Dresden 1991130 viewsc/n 600904, 25th liaison flight from May 1966 to Nov 1981, then Dresden, since 1997 on loan to Cottbus Museum
LY-TTD AERO Friedrichshafen 24 April 200588 viewsYak-52TD (Aerostar) c/n 888907 ex-DOSAAF 94, re-registered LY-EMJ, then RA3619K
OK-JZE AERO Friedrichshafen 24 April 200595 viewsLet C-11 (YAK-11) c/n 171511 Operated by BMZ Company on behalf of the Kbely museum.
Alan meets Anatoli at Ribnitz-Damgarten AB 1992275 viewsAnatoli Kvotchur was based here during his military service. He later became MiG test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, brought a MiG-29 to Farnborough in 1988, ejected from his MiG-29 at Paris in 1989 (and I believe also in the Crimea), after which he started flying Su-27 for the Gromov Institute. I had just stuck his Su with a Jeppesen sticker when he came along...
CCCP-82060 An-225 Mrija Farnborough 8 Sept 1990102 viewsThe only 225 completed, it had appeared the year before at Paris carrying the Buran space shuttle on its back. Its 6 Progress D-18-T turbofans produce 309,540 lbs of thrust! Still employed for oversize freight jobs.
HA-MHL at Frankfurt Airport169 viewsAn-2R c/n 1G-123-02
On the old (now closed) visitors' terrace

to Merseburg museum
An-2TD D-FOJN at Neuhausen (Cottbus) 1992173 viewsc/n 1G166-39 ex-DDR-WJN

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An-2TP SP-FAL at Johannesburg 1992161 viewsDisplayed at Aviation Africa, Jan Smuts
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