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RA-41900 An-38-120 at Bangalore India 1998174 viewsc/n cn 3801003
For some reason they dropped the RA from the registration. It later saw service in Vietnam.
Baade 152 at Rothenburg Feb 1993190 viewsThe ill-fated East German jet airliner. The air base at Rothenburg received two hulls for use as pilots' recreation rooms. One was buried, this one, no. 11, survived and is now on show at Dresden Klotsche Airport. The 152 programme was stopped in 1961 following the fatal crash in 1958 of one of the only two to have been completed.
Baade 152 at Rothenburg 1991209 views
IL-14 BL-549 Indian Air Force235 viewsfurther details unknown.
D-ESUP Leipzig-Zwochau 9 May 1992137 viewsLET Z-37A Cmelak
with grateful thanks to Herr Kirmse for the agricultural maps.
D-ESUA Leipzig-Zwochau 9 May 1992104 viewsLET Z-37A Cmelak
D-ESUP Leipzig-Zwochau 9 May 1992118 viewsLET Z-37A Cmelak
D-FGGG ILA Hannover May 1996110 viewsAn-2 c/n 113901 ex-DM-WCX, NVA-469
D-FIJL Mahlwinkel 19 Sept 1992112 viewsAn-2T c/n 1G157-04 Luftsportverein Magdeburg ex-DDR-WJL
An-2T D-FOKK Berlin Schönefeld 1990170 viewsc/n 19504 ex-DM-SKK
At the BSF base.
D-FOND, D-FONE Nauen 5 Nov 1990122 viewsFOND An-2TP c/n 19508 ex-DDR-SKD, Lsk-815
FONE An-2T c/n 18118 ex-DDR-SKE, Lsk-459
Both wearing Air Touristik stickers.
on the left M-18A Dromader DDR-TLU, one of six in store, plus 17 Z-37s.
D-FOND ILA Hannover May 1996116 viewsAn-2TP c/n 19508 ex-DDR-SKD, NVA-815
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