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Most viewed - D-EHLU Egelsbach - Friedrichshafen Aug 1996
D-EHLU 15 October 1996 Friedrichshafen186 viewsIt took 10 years for me to discover that our neighbour upstairs owned this lovely Bölkow 207! So we popped down to the Lake of Constance for cup of coffee and piece of gateau. Son David looks extremely pleased!
D-EHLU 15 Oct 1996 Egelsbach-Friedrichshafen182 viewsOn the way down, this could be around Singen, looks rather volcanic.
D-EHLU 15 Oct 1996 Egelsbach-Friedrichshafen180 viewsNot the only visitors by the looks of it.
D-EHLU 15 Oct 1996 Egelsbach-Friedrichshafen178 viewsThe airfield with the lake in the background.
D-EHLU 15 Oct 1996 Egelsbach-Friedrichshafen174 viewsThe Lufthansa 737 beat us to it!
D-EHLU Aug 1996172 viewsBack at the pumps at Egelsbach after a very pleasant day.
D-EHLU was built back in 1963 (c/n 277) and I actually saw her first in June '66.
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