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The Shackleton


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Hendon RAF Museum 22 May 1999


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Speyer 8 June 1997


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Pima (County) Air Museum Tucson AZ 28 April 1979


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Swartkop AFB S. Africa 5 April 1992


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Cottbus Museum 1993


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Random files - Aviation Museums & Collections
'MM53211' / ZI-4 Southend Airport 17 Feb 1981120 viewsFiat G.46-4B c/n 71 Italian AF. After stripping down in 2008 it was found to be c/n NC.32/MM52799

Apologies for quality and fences, it was cold, closed and I had little time to spare. Further info here: http://www.southendtimeline.com/museumaircraft.htm
G-AHMJ/K4235 Blue Max Museum of Film April 1987177 viewsCierva C30A Autogiro built 1936 ex Shuttleworth Trust, sold to Kermit Weeks and now part of his Fantasy of Flight Polk City Florida
In the background G-BLES Acroduster and Sopwith Camel
USS Intrepid Pier 86 Manhattan NY Oct 1989122 views142833/AF-300 Douglas A-4B Skyhawk VA-66 sqn USS Intrepid
CSS-13 SP-BHA Prague, Letecke Muzeum Kbely (LKKB) 25th October 2008163 views
'OO-TIP' Brussels Museum 30 Oct 199989 viewsHanworth UK-built Tipsy S.2 c/n 29 as G-AFVH in 1939 and sold to Belgium with inofficial reg OO-TIP, operated as OO-ASB.

516171 Athens War Museum 1 Oct 1983167 viewsNorth American F-86D
N534J Pima Air Museum 28 April 197969 views Douglas B-23 Dragon c/n 2737 ex-39-0051 ex-N61Y, N534C
Helicopter Museum Aug 1999113 viewsShot from the cab of N114WG looking towards the Super Frelon.

Last additions - Aviation Museums & Collections
93+98 Cottbus 28 Feb 1993120 viewsMi-9 ex- KHG-3 NVA 482 c/n 340001. In the background you can make out a large number stored prior to disposal.Feb 18, 2016
96+18 Cottbus 28 Feb 1993118 viewsMi-24D ex-KHG-3 (NVA540) c/n 730212Feb 18, 2016
Cottbus 28 Feb 1993116 viewsMiG-15/17, An-2, L-29? parts. They had to grab what they could before it got scrapped. They did well. A re-visit is planned!Feb 18, 2016
313 Aero L-29 Armee Museum Dresden 5 Nov 1990166 viewsFeb 01, 2016
D-ADGP Shuttleworth May 1992114 viewsMiles M2L Hawk Speed Six c/n 160 built 1935. Owned for 17 years by Ron Paine, who raced her in several Kings Cup Air Races finishing second five times. Dec 26, 2015
G-AEBB Shuttleworth May 1992114 viewsOwen HM14 Pou-du-Ciel (Flying Flea) c/n KWO.1 Dec 26, 2015
G-ADPR Shuttleworth May 1992114 viewsPercival D.3 Gull Six c/n D55 built 1935, owned by Jean Batten between 1935 and 1940 (record flights to Brazil and New Zealand), impressed as AX866. Sold controversially in 1995 to New Zealand to raise badly needed funds (Jean was born in NZ...) and now 'DPR hangs suspended in the Auckland Airport terminal. Dec 26, 2015
G-AOTD/WB588 Shuttleworth May 1992110 viewsDHC-1 Chipmunk 22 c/n C1/0040, sold 1994Dec 26, 2015