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Pyramids May 2001157 viewsWe were given permission to fly from 6 October to Cairo city and back via the Pyramids for a low-level sortie along the Nile. I flew in D-EGAX together with a Slovak film team. It was exciting to say the least! I recognized the Al Sarayah swimming pool-cum-restaurant ship I had visited in 1994.
SU-ARM 6 October Airport Cairo May 2001159 views
SU-220 6 October Airport Cairo May 2001155 views
SU-216 6 October Airport Cairo May 2001155 viewsDiamond Dimona TS80
6 October Airport Cairo 2001150 views
F-BICE Abu Simbel 4 May 2001149 viewsThis Cessna 170 was the smallest aircraft in the group, and the only taildragger. It was the mount of our intrepid engineer, Jean-Marie 'Papa Zulu'. I can't imagine what the problem was (in the dark?).
Fano Departure 13 May 2001144 viewsAfter a cup of coffee in the cafe run by a German couple D-IAAM was tanked up for the flight to Egelsbach
Fano Italy Approach 13 May 2001122 viewsFano - LIDF coords 43°49’33”N - 013°01’39”E rwy 05/23 1350 x 50 m Elev 54 ft. 100LL, JET A1
RA02465 Fano Italy 13 May 2001140 viewsYak-55M c/n 920308 later re-registered RA-2465K
We dropped into Fano on our way back from a tour of Egypt and Jordan.
LY-AKK Fano Italy 13 May 2001148 viewsYak-52 cn 889203 AvMap logo
later re-regd RA-3032K
Charlo Mariani
LY-AKK Fano Italy 13 May 2001145 viewsYak-52 cn 889203 AvMap logo
later re-regd RA-3032K
Charlo Mariani
LY-ANY Fano Italy 13 May 2001142 viewsYak-52 Yakitalia cn 811704
repainted later same as AKK, two-ship team
Domenico Serafini
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