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N75ST Egelsbach 1992143 viewsGlasair III listed as Bond Arthur G SH-3R c/n 3215 built 1991 named 'North Wind'. Piloted by owner Mathias Stinnes and co Heinz Bitterman who took part in the Round the World Air Race 1992. Taken on the day I went up for a flip in D-ENSC.
OE-FDS Cognac 30 May 1998140 viewsPiper PA-31T Cheyenne. OE-FDS c/n 31T-7720056. ex N82169 of Fam Dr. Peithner preparing to leave Cognac for a trip down the Dordogne to Sarlat and Brive on one of the Gourmet Tours organised by Marcel Large
OE-KXW Hughes 369D Filzmoos Austria Jan 1990131 viewsHelifly c/n 70-0748D. to G-BNMY, N1091A, and HB-ZBQ. Built in 1980
OK-LCC London Heathrow ca 1959152 viewsAvia 14T. OK-LCC was originally c/n 033 703111 (with CSA 06/1957-1966) transfered to Czechoslovak AF as 3111, converted to FG 07/1967 (windowed nose) version.
Oranienburg Air Base June 1997120 viewsMirror on main gate reflecting sentry box, still in place then. Animal farm nearby where David (10) crawled into the cage with the tortoises!
G-BHTH Oxford Kidlington 28 July 1994125 viewsNA T-6G Texan c/n 168-176 ex N2807G, 49-3072
Fatal crash landing 13 March 1995 when owned by John Woodhouse, but rebuilt as G-TEXN 10 years later.
RNN 301 Rhein-Main Air Base 9 Dec 1981115 viewsLockheed P-3C CUP c/n 5737 ex-BuAer 161369, to German Marineflieger 60+01
The Netherlands Navy's investigation into the fatal crash of an Atlantique prompted them to seek a single chart producer to replace the five they had been using until then. After several meetings they chose us, and sent 301 (later also 303) to collect the large shipment of documentation required for their fleet.
RNN 301 Rhein-Main Air Base 9 Dec 1981111 viewsThe staff of 320 and 321 squadrons RNN came to visit while the P-3 continued on to Berlin and back on its 'training' mission. Richard Hulmer in the centre, Kees Leebeek on the right.
RNN 303 Rhein-Main Air Base ca 1987113 viewsP-3C CUP c/n 5745 ex-BuAer 161371, to Marineflieger 60+03. Thanks to the guys at Rhein-Main for your cooperation!
RNN 303 Rhein-Main Air Base ca 1987110 viewsSame procedure as last year Miss Sophie? Richard and Kees come to visit, with ? (name please) in the centre, looking very dapper with their hi-vis over their office suits! I can state unequivocally that it was the best time of my 43 years at Jepp dealing with you guys!!
Seacat SRN4Mk.III Hovercraft, Dover 22 Aug 1998103 viewsThe Princess Anne just arriving from Calais. We would be taking The Princess Margaret back to Calais. They ceased ops in 2000 and both craft are in the museum as HMS Daedelus, Lee-on-Solent, now open every Saturday. If you're lucky you can even get on one of the rides over the Solent. Princess Anne has been saved by donations and is probably ready to view by now.

Refer to https://www.hovercraft-museum.org/
N7597V Wing Derringer 1971372 viewsThis aircraft, 4th built, 2nd production was displayed at the Paris Air Show in May 1971 and a few days later it was parked up at Wiesbaden Erbenheim for their Armed Forces Day air show. My slide of it got spoiled so this will have to do.
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