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Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!) - English-for-Flyaways
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N126E Biggin Hill 1964178 viewsAero Commander 680 c/n 680-516-186
OO-TWP Ghent 1964159 viewsAeronca 7AC Champion c/n 7AC-3624
N5461Y Biggin Hill 1964162 viewsPiper PA-23-250 Aztec C c/n 27-2521
HB778 RAE Farnborough Feb 1947166 viewsHB778 B-17G 'Q' RAE Farnborough WE Flight, SME Flight. Jim Williams, an ex-colleague at Fleet UDC getting his first flight.
N9089Z Biggin Hill 1964169 viewsNorth American TB-25J/VB-25N Mitchell c/n 108-34136 ex-44-30861 Aero Associates, Tucson AZ. Malcolm D.N. Fisher/Historical Aircraft Preservation Society, Biggin Hill, 1966-1967. British Historic Aircraft Museum, Southend, July 1967-1983 displayed as HD368 VO-A. Later to North Weald and later in pieces at Wycombe Air Park. G-BKXW
N702PA London Heathrow 1964167 viewsBoeing 707-331 c/n 17677 'Clipper Hotspur'
N727PA London Heathrow 1964175 viewsBoeing 707-320C c/n 17605 'Clipper Mohawk, to Alaska Airlines 1970
N766TW Paris Orly 1963165 viewsBoeing 707-331B
N776TW Paris Orly 1963166 viewsBoeing 707-331B c/n 18408/326. TWA flight 840 was hijacked by two members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The plane diverted to Damascus. Upon landing at Damascus the crew and passengers evacuated through emergency chutes. One hijacker threw hand grenades and another explosive device into the cockpit, destroying the front of the plane. The airplane was rebuilt with a new nose.
45-0940 Blackbushe 1 Sept 1958197 viewsVC-47D (ex-C-47B-45-DK) c/n 34202/16943 USAF MATS, to N17778, N403JB
Own photo
146028 Blackbushe 6 July 1958177 viewsGrumman TF-1 c/n 58 FB-028 US Navy
Own photo
55-291 Blackbushe 6 Aug 1958187 viewsConvair VC-131 c/n 212 USAF 3rd AF at Eagle's for maintenance
Own photo
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