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Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!) - English-for-Flyaways
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PH-xxx? Rotterdam 1964139 viewsPiper PA-28 Cherokee
N127SW London Heathrow 1964131 viewsCanadair CL-44-D4-1 c/n 27 to G-AWGS, N907L
N45516128 views
N45516 Luxemburg Airport143 viewsLockheed L-1049H Super Constellation c/n 4840. ex- Flying Tiger N6917C then HP-216 of AFISA. Written off just after take-off Mesa-Falcon Field AZ enroute Kansas City and Canada with 3500 gallons of fuel on board, 11 May 1975, all six on board perished
G-APKZ Croydon Airport 30 December 1958141 viewswith lads from the Blackbushe Branch of Air Britain, later B.A.R.G. From the right, Arthur Alexander, Baz Harris, Paul Hewins, Ozzie?, John Lowe, Jan Pearson, Robin Walker.
This was my first, and last visit to Croydon. The airfield closed on 30 Sept 1959. I registered no less than 49 Tiger Moths present!
Own photo - rescanned to remove grunge!
PH-UCS Rotterdam 1964136 viewsPiper L-4J Grasshopper/J-3C-65 Cub c/n 13228 ex-45-4488 NLS NV Nationale Luchtvaartschool. (Seen there myself 16.11.63)
OO-SCM138 viewsConvair 440-12 (later CV-580) SABENA c/n 354 to N73161, OO-DHI, EC-899
OO-SCT Paris Le Bourget 1963139 viewsConvair 440-61 (to Convair 580) Metropolitan SABENA c/n 381 to N73167, N566EA,
D-ADAB, DC-4 Darmstadt Oct 1972192 viewsslightly different angle. note Coca-Cola van making a delivery.
D-ADAB, DC-4 Darmstadt Oct 1972247 viewsOnce part of a fleet of three DC-4 freighters of All-Air who went knees up at the end of 1968.
I just noticed wife and son waving at top of steps!
D-EEZR Flugplatz Reichelsheim ca 1968212 viewsAircraft have to cross a small stream (the Horloff) to get to and from the runway.
EEZR is a Cessna F150L cn 0868, then of Wirtschaftsflug
D-EFUP Blackbushe 17 August 1958164 viewsRhein-West-Flug (Fischer) RW3-P75 Multoplan c/n 005 registered to D.Siepmann Mönchengladbach
Designer H. O. Fischer, and constructor Ing. H. Gomolzig
Series production by RFB Krefeld-Uerdingen but only 22 built.
Own photo
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