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Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!) - English-for-Flyaways
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D-EGAD Blackbushe 18 June 1959171 viewsAuster 5 J/1 Autocrat c/n 2249 ex-G-AJIG built 1947 destroyed 2.5.66
Own photo
D-EJAP Blackbushe 4 Sept 1957142 viewsCessna 172 Skyhawk c/n 28916 ex-N6816A. Photo by the late Dave Cotterell.
D-EJIG Blackbushe 6 Sept 1959136 viewsDornier Do-27A-4 (B-3) c/n 395 demonstrated to British Army Air Corps, ex-PL+435, QW+709, QA+101 and 56+87
Cancelled 21.10.59 when 'destroyed' as PL+435. Registration D-EJIG was used on a P149D c/n 147 between '71 and '78.
The Dornier was restored in 1980 as D-EEPN and is still flying in 2019 as '56+87' with the Bundeswehr-Luftsportring Laupheim e.V.
D-GENA Blackbushe 8 Sept 1959148 viewsBeech 95 Travel Air c/n TD-227 Kurfiss Aviation
OO-AWN151 viewsDouglas DC-3 (C-47A-15-DK) SABENA c/n 12767 42-92914(N),NL-204(PH),PH-TBY,OO-AWN,EC-ASK,
PH-ERZ Rotterdam 1964155 viewsDouglas C-47A c/n 20518 ex-N60493, 43-16052, Schreiner Aero Contractors NV.
(Seen there myself 16.11.63 with radar-nose, lengthened windows and daglo applications)
PH-SCC Rotterdam 1964163 viewsDC-3C c/n 19458 ex-LN-IAS, 42-100995, Rotterdamse Luchtvaart Expeditie Maatschappij NV, Rotterdam to OO-AVG, N3433E
N4273A Amsterdam Schiphol 1964175 viewsDC-4 (C-54A-15-DC) c/n 10411 ex-42-72306, N75416, D-AGUS (CDL Continentale Deutsche Luftreederei)
OO-CTL177 viewsDouglas DC-6B SOBELAIR c/n 43832 EC-ASR,OO-SDG(1),CA+023(D), .. OY-STZ,VR-HGW,
OO-SDG Paris Le Bourget 1963173 viewsDouglas DC-6B SABENA c/n 43828 to EC-ASR,OO-SDG(1),CA+023(D), .. OY-STZ,VR-HGW,
PH-DSP Schiphol Airport Amsterdam 1964173 viewsDC-7C c/n 45181 KLM 'Rode Zee' to N9610Z, PI-C573, N1004H, CF-PWM, N22CA
N815PA Paris Orly 1963160 viewsDouglas DC-8-32 c/n 45268 PanAm 'Clipper Charger' to Air Zaire as 9Q-CLF
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