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Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!) - English-for-Flyaways
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G-APON/N6814C Blackbushe 7 Sept 1958154 viewsG-APON Douglas DC-6A c/n 45058 ex-N6814C (Slick Airways), left fleet June 1964 to Zantop as N6814C but quickly re-regd N613SE. Various operators, 1983 to Honolulu fire department, eventually scrapped.
G-APTY Southend ? ca. 1959154 viewsBeech G.35 Bonanza c/n D-4789 ex-EI-AJG, taken possibly when it was owned by a Colchester resident.
Built 1956 and still flying in 2014!
A Mike Cain photo
G-APYA, G-APXY Blackbushe 19 March 1960159 viewsAPYA Cessna 175D c/n 56444 ex-N6944E, to EI-AND
APXY Cessna 150 c/n 17711 ex-N7911E reg cxd by CAA 2010
G-ARCK (3)156 viewsCessna 175A c/n 56745 Wellsair Flight Training Systems, wheel pants
G-ARCK (2)163 viewsCessna 175A c/n 56745 Skandia advertisement, wheel pants
G-ARCK (1)187 viewsCessna 175A c/n 56745 Panshanger 11 Dec 1960
G-ARCV160 viewsCessna 175A (mod) c/n 56757 ex-N8057T
G-AREB173 viewsCessna 175B c/n 56818
G-ARFG168 viewsCessna 175A c/n 56505 ex-N7005E Blackbushe
G-ARFI161 viewsCessna 150A c/n 150-59100 ex-N41836, N6700T, Panshanger, seen 12 Feb 1961
G-ARFM176 viewsCessna 175B c/n 175-56876, Panshanger, seen 12 Feb 1961, still to receive its main wheel pants. Typical of Panshanger were the packing crates used to create partitions in the hangar.
G-ARFN163 viewsCessna 150A c/n 150-59172, ex-N7072X, Panshanger, seen 26 March 1961, destroyed 8 Nov 1967
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