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56-492 Blackbushe 4 Aug 1958160 viewsC-130A c/n 3100 463rd TCW Oklahoma
Own photo
7318 Blackbushe 2 Sept 1958162 viewsC-47 Yugoslav Air Force. Thought to be ex-Coastal Command (emergency exits marked in yellow). Under the 318 on tail a faint '29' which could lead to c/n 33361/16613, C-47B-35-DK ex-44-77029.
Arrived together with 7317
Own photo
EI-AKI Blackbushe 1 Sept 1958163 viewsPiper PA-23 Apache c/n 23-1385
Own photo
F-BFRG Blackbushe 3 Sept 1958162 viewsNord 2508 prototype, trials for Kalinga Airlines Calcutta India
Own photo
G-APCL Blackbushe 3 Sept 1958167 viewsPiper PA-23 Apache c/n 23-1159 The Stanley Estate & Stud Co (Earl of Derby)
Own photo
G-APLK Blackbushe 2 Sept 1958160 viewsMiles Student c/n 100/1008
Own photo
G-APMY Blackbushe 3 Sept 1958156 viewsPiper PA-23 Apache c/n 23-1258 United Steel Co
Own photo
57-6038 Blackbushe 2 Sept 1958149 viewsBeech L-23D c/n LH-10 US Army MAAG Germany
Own photo
25146 viewsBeriev Be-12 'Chaika'
Blackbush Airport (EGLK)160 viewsPost-1960 during the ownership of AVM Don Bennett (Pathfinder, Maia-Mercury, Fairtravel Linnet, and cars, etc). The terminal building is still complete. The airport manager's caravan is parked at the fence separating the airfield from common land.
G-BECL/'N9+AA' CASA 352L (JU-52/3M) Blackbushe Sept 197x159 viewspassing by on our way to the Farnborough Air Show. Part of Doug Arnold's Spanish Armada.
BECL was ex-T2B-212 and eventually went to France as F-AZJU.
4 x C-47, 2 x Casa Blackbushe Sept 19xx178 views3 of the C-47s are G-BFPW/T3-40 (right), G-BGCF/T3-33 (left), G-BGCG/T3-27 (centre). All are ex-Spanish Air Force. The CASA 352Ls are two out of four registered G-BFHD, E, F and G.
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