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Aviodome Schiphol May 1993239 viewsAn excellent display of models in the Aviodome.
D-5806 Aviodome Schiphol May 1993236 viewsLockheed TF-104G trainer
'WV395' Aviodome Schiphol May 1993225 viewsHunter F.51 in a spurious paint scheme. Actually Danish AF serial no. E-410.
'WV395' Aviodome Schiphol May 1993228 viewsHunter F.51 c/n 680269. Actually mainly Danish AF E-410 with rear fuselage from WV395 and wings off XE584. Arrived 1979 from BAe as G-9-438
PH-FCX Aviodome Schiphol May 1993255 viewsFokker F-27-200MP Friendship c/n 10183 ex-TC-TEC
with Grumman Tracker159/V 'on the gate'
PH-NHI Aviodome Schiphol May 1993241 viewsNHI H-3 Kolibri c/n 3001
FT228 Aviodome Schiphol May 1993246 viewsNoorduyn AT-16 Harvard IIB c/n 14A-1268, ex-43-12969, FT228, B-73, ex-Delft TH 'Cathy'
H-NADP Aviodome Schiphol May 1993276 viewsFokker F.VII painted as H-NACT. c/n 5054 ex-CH-159, OY-DED, SE-ASE, OY-ASE
Real, not a replica, sorry the photo isn't better, looks rather spooky!
PH-TCB Aviodome Schiphol May 1993281 viewsDouglas C-47A Skytrain/Dakota c/n 9836, a hybrid made up of parts of several aircraft, including c/n 19434 ex-PH-PBA, 42-100971.
159/V Aviodome Schiphol May 1993298 viewsGrumman US-2N Tracker c/n 720 ex-320 sqn, USN 148281
Fokker F.11/B.IV Aviodome Schiphol May 1993293 viewsAn original F.11 (c/n 906) that crashed in Canada in 1935!
'H-53' Aviodome Schiphol May 1993291 viewsSpitfire LF Mk 1Xc c/n 970/CBAF.IX.970 ex-MJ271 (not MH424) Actually H-8, then 3W-8. Sold and shipped to Duxford for restoration. Owned by Historic Flying and in storage at Duxford. Exchanged for a Firefly SE-CAU.
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