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Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd (BAe) Harrier MK.52 Brooklands 2 June 1991181 viewsG-VTOL c/n B3-41H-735795 ex- ZA250. Prototype built 1970
Vickers 290 Wellington 1A Brooklands 2 June 1991187 viewsN2980, 'R' ditched 31 Dec 1940 into Loch Ness with the loss of the rear gunner whose parachute failed to open. Salvaged September 1985.
Vickers 1103 VC-10 Brooklands 2 June 1991209 viewsSultan of Oman's Royal Flight A4O-AB c/n ex-G-ASIX c/n 820 originally with BUA then BCAL before going to Muscat. Last flight, to Brooklands took place 6 July 1987.
Vickers VarsityT1 Brooklands 2 June 1991210 viewsWF372 c/n 531 built 1951, 18th built, RAF Training Command Finningley with 6 FTS coded 'A'. Since repainted and looking good.

In the background is tailless British Eagle Britannia G-ANCF, moved to Liverpool from Kemble and partially restored.
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