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G-BMOA Coventry 8 July 1987126 viewsCessna 441 Conquest c/n 441-0362 to Luxembourg then USA as N36FR
G-JIMY Coventry 8 July 1987118 views
WS838 Coventry 8 July 1987111 viewsGloster Meteor NF14Midland Air Museum; Delivered 1954; 238 OCU, 64 Sqn; RRE Pershore; A&AEE Boscombe Down for photography of MB Ejector seat trials. Since repainted in 64 Sqn green/grey camo.
In the background Armstrong-Whitworth 650 Argosy 101 G-APRL c/n 6652
XA508 Coventry 8 July 1987112 viewsFairey Gannet T.2 c/n F.9327 - first production T.2 and with Royal Navy 737 sqn.
VT935 Coventry 8 July 1987113 viewsBoulton-Paul P.111A
Built 1950; Research aircraft flown 1950-58 to explore the characteristics of delta tailless flight; To the Museum 1985 on loan from Cranfield Institute of Technology.
'G-OICL' Coventry 8 July 1987116 viewsin fact Quickie 2 G-OICI, incorrectly painted. Even flew to the PFA Rally that year with OICL left and OICI right.

In the background Beech 300LW G-OCHD c/n FA-95
F-BVKS Coventry 8 July 1987117 viewsFournier RF-6B c/n 1, together with F-GANJ RF-6B c/n 38, both later on British register, G-BOLC and G-GANJ respectively.
G-AHIP Coventry 8 July 1987113 viewsPiper L-4H c/n 12008 ex-OO-GEJ. Belonged to Roy Nerou.
On the left Piper PA-16 Clipper G-BBUG (16-29)
G-BADL Coventry 8 July 1987114 viewsPiper PA-34-200 Seneca c/n 34-7250247 ex-N5307T Cartographical Services (Southampton) Ltd.

DC-6 G-SIXC behind
G-AMRA Coventry 8 July 1987113 viewsDouglas DC-3C-R-1830-90C c/n 15290/26735 ex- XE280
On the left G-AMSV DC-3C-R-1830-90C c/n 32820 ex- N347DK
G-SIXC Coventry 8 July 1987107 viewsDouglas DC-6B c/n 45550 ex- N93459
G-BMAT Coventry 8 July 1987106 viewsVickers 813 Viscount c/n 349 ex-ZS-CDW, G-AZLT, ex-BMA, ex-British World. To G-OHOT and destroyed 25 Feb 1994 near Uttoxeter on a flight from Edinburgh to Coventry.
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