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11+02 ILA 1996149 viewsTupolev Tu-154M FBS Flugbereitschaft der Bw. c/n 89A-813 'Open Skies'. Sadly, 11+02 was lost on 13 Sept 1997 in a midair with a USAF C-141 over the South Atlantic off the coast of Africa. 11+02 was not equipped with TCAS or a 'black box'. Questions were raised http://dip21.bundestag.de/dip21/btd/13/087/1308746.asc
RA-70937 ILA 1996115 viewsMIL Mi-17MD c/n 95448
ILA 1996108 viewsAtlantique Marineflieger.
D-CHSW ILA 1996132 viewsBeechjet 400A c/n RK-84 ex-N8138M (HSW=Hilde Schmitt-Wolfe). Deregd 2008, to OE-GFB, cancelled 2011.
N811SB?? ILA 1996121 viewsCanadair RJ Regional Jet. Bit of a mystery ship, can't find any gen on its appearance at ILA
HB-VLN ILA 1996120 viewsBeech 400A c/n RK-94 ex-N3051S, to N585G, N681WD, current.
HB-FOE ILA 1996114 viewsPilatus PC-12 c/n 102
G-OMIG/6247 ILA 1996116 viewsSBLIM-2A (MiG-15) c/n 622047 built by PZL-Mielec. Now in Brazil with the Museo Asas de um Sonho.
D-EEXE ILA 1996120 viewsBücker (H.A.W.) Bü-181D Bestmann c/n 148, ex-SU-325. Based in Giessen-Lutzellinden. During the 1950s the Heliopolis Aircraft Works of Egypt acquired a Czechoslovakian licence to produce the Zlín Z-381 with a 105 hp Walter-Minor engine. It was produced for the Egyptian Air Force as the Heliopolis Gomhouria ("Republic") and subsequent versions were supplied to other Arab air forces. At least 300 Gomhourias were built.
HA-AAI ILA 1996128 viewsBanhidi Gerle 13 c/n 4 replica built 1988 and now in the Kozlekedesi Muzeum Budapest.
D-HZPD ILA 199699 viewsMIL Mi-2 c/n 538840114 Brandenburg Police c/s 'Adebar 13' ex-D-HOIM, DDR-VPH. Sold to Dem Rep Congo as TN-657.
29+18 ILA 1996109 viewsMiG-29 c/n 2960526310 of JG-73 Laage. The crew in the foreground is not from the MiG but the Phanton just visible on the left.
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