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9147 Tabor CZ 31 Aug 1989165 viewsMi-4 c/n 09147. I have only now connected this Mi-4 to the one I saw almost exactly ten years later in the museum at Weston Super Mare. Well done Elfan!
CCCP-85035 Hannover 15 May 1990173 viewsThe aircraft designated Tu-155 was used as a testbed for alternative fuels. Built 1972 as Tu-154B, cn 73A035. The starboard engine is an NK-88, a modification of an NK-8-2. Liquified gas, formerly hydrogen, lately natural gas was stored in the aft. First flight with hydrogen fuel was on 15th April 1988. Aircraft operations ceased in 1993.
CCCP-85035 Hannover 15 May 1990185 viewsThe cryogenic crew - I had the pleasure of escorting them on a shopping spree to Hannover city. Each one had 10DM, and were suitably shocked when they found out it didn't go very far!
The crew commander, Vladimir Sevan’kaev, co-pilot Andrey Talakin, flight engineers Yuriy Kremlev and Anatoliy Kriulin, and chief test engineer Valeriy Arkhipov were included in the crew of the Tu-155.
CCCP-85035 Hannover 15 May 1990315 viewsTu-155 c/n 73A035 (the cryogenic 154) and yours truly.
Built as a Tu-154 but later modified for use as an engine test bed for gaseous fuel, with No2 engine replaced with an NK-88. Initially Hydrogen powered, it was later modified to use liquefied natural gas. Performed at least 100 test flights. Operated by the Gromov Flight Research Institute and based at Zhukovsky.
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