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F-BVPZ Sud-Est SE.210 VI-N Caravelle133 viewsc/n 218 ex-YU-AHF Since preserved at Athis-Mons (Orly) without titles, but future of Delta Museum seems uncertain.Aug 24, 2014
G-BKSV Shorts 3-30-100136 viewsc/n SH.3096 in service with Air Ecosse 'City of Glasgow', owned by Fairflight Ltd Biggin Hill 2.84 to 7.85 , sold to the USA. Returned 2.89 as G-OATD to Shorts, and destroyed on 9 July 1989 'by a terrorist bomb' at Belfast City Airport, thankfully with no casualties.Aug 24, 2014
Canadair Challenger 601-1A C-GCFI125 viewsc/n 3020 built 1984 for Nav Canada. A modified version including winglets to reduce drag and more powerful G E CF-34 engines. Certfied for gravel runways.Aug 24, 2014
Canadair Challenger 601 C-GDBX111 viewsc/n 3046 built Nov 85, to China as B-4005, USA as N601HJ, N601TJ, Luxembourg as LX-AEN, USA again N46R, N228PK, N600GA and still active.Aug 23, 2014
Canadair Challenger 601-3A in flight131 viewsText reads: First production Canadair Challenger 601-3A lifts off from Dorval International Airport, Montréal, to fly Canadair representatives non-stop to the Paris International Air Show. (1987)Aug 23, 2014
Canadair Challenger 601-3A (N611CL)124 viewsText reads: The first completed Challenger 601-3A business jet features a spacious cabin, 3,430 n.mi. range and quiet, fuel efficient General Electric CF-34-3A turbofan engines which permit the aircraft to operate during airport curfew hours. c/n 5002Aug 23, 2014
Canadair CL-215116 viewsText reads: A Canadair CL-215 amphibian airbrushed in the colours of France's Sécurité Civile to illustrate the turboprop version which will have Pratt and Whitney PW123AF engines. First flight of the CL-215T prototype is scheduled for September 1988, and first deliveries are expected in early 1990. (C-FAWQ shown at Paris in 1991)Aug 23, 2014
A310 Forward Facing Cockpit230 views'The A310 Forward Facing Cockpit represents a brand new concept in flight technology in which all instruments needed for the management of the flight are located on the front and overhead panels, thus dispensing with the need for a lateral control panel.....'
Airbus Industrie Photograph
Jun 10, 2014
QANTAS128 viewsJun 10, 2014
QANTAS126 viewsJun 10, 2014
Fairchild A-10112 views'A-10 at Davis-Monthan -- The USAF/Fairchild A-10 ground attack aircraft, the new anti-armor attack plane, is being delivered to the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, for training purposes. Above are the aircraft at the air base in various flight and ground configurations. Altogether, Davis-Monthan is scheduled to receive 100 A-10s, with final delivery in December 1981. The A-10 is manufactured by Fairchild Industries, Inc., of Germantown, Maryland'Jun 10, 2014
ZA101/G-HAWK111 viewsBritish Aerospace Hawk Mk.50/100 demonstrator c/n 41H-4020010 f/f 17/05/1976, last flight 03/02/2005, stored WartonJun 10, 2014
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