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Last additions - Blue Max Museum of Film Wycombe Air Park April 1999
K1930/G-BKBB Wycombe Air Park 1987269 viewsWestward Airways Hawker Fury Mk.1 replica. Built by Viv Bellamy at St Just for the Hon. Patrick Lindsay. After a lengthy spell in Belgium as OO-HFU, OO-XFU this lovely replica arrived at its new base at The Fighter Factory, Virginia Beach, USA in August 2009, and was subsequently registered as N31FY.Jun 06, 2014
G-GMAX Blue Max Museum of Film April 1987257 viewsG-GMAX - Stampe SV4C c/n 141 ex-F-BBPB, G-BXNW
N8997 Tallmantz Camel c/n TM10

Jun 06, 2014
G-AWXZ Blue Max Museum of Film April 1999257 viewsStampe SV4C c/n 360 ex-F-BAMZ of Personal Planes Services Ltd, highly modified to look like a Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A (E943) of the first World War for the film 'Aces High' (1976).
May 06, 2014
G-AHMJ/K4235 Blue Max Museum of Film April 1999245 viewsCierva C30A Autogiro built 1936 ex Shuttleworth Trust, sold to Kermit Weeks and now part of his Fantasy of Flight Polk City Florida
In the background G-BLES Acroduster and Sopwith Camel
May 06, 2014
YR-PAX Blue Max Museum of Film April 1999251 viewsDoFlug Bu-133C Jungmeister c/n 4 ex-U-57 (Swiss AF), to USA NX40BJ and part of Fantasy of Flight, Polk City, Florida.
In background, Westland Lysander G-BCWL painted as "V9545/BA-C" and also now in Florida.
May 06, 2014
G-IXCC/PL344 Blue Max Museum of Film April 1999244 viewsSpitfire Mk LF IXc Charles Church, sold to Kermit Weeks, seen here receiving attention at Personal Plane Services. Since back in UK at Duxford in airworthy condition.

Also present was Hawker Tempest EJ693, a candidate for US ownership too.
May 06, 2014
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