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Last additions - Russian & Eastern European Aircraft
DDR-SKA ILA Hannover 15 May 1990196 viewsAn-2 c/n 1G 8648 to D-FOKA, ES-CADApr 03, 2014
DDR-SKA ILA Hannover 15 May 1990172 viewsAn-2 c/n 1G 8648 to D-FOKA, ES-CADApr 03, 2014
D-FGGG ILA Hannover May 1996162 viewsAn-2 c/n 113901 ex-DM-WCX, NVA-469Apr 03, 2014
RA-04130 Ostend 10 Aug 1998148 viewsSkytech Mi10K c/n 2294 Mar 19, 2014
RA-04130 Ostend 8 August 1999149 viewsSkytech Mi-10K c/n 2294 Long-time resident here and at Brussels. Since broken up.Mar 19, 2014
0833 IL-14P Polish Air Force Speyer Airfield 3 April 1988259 viewsc/n 14600 0833, ex PolAF 005. Airlifted by GAF CH-53G to Sinsheim museum and painted in bogus Bulgarian Air Transport colours.Mar 17, 2014
D-FKMA Wellesbourne Mountford 21 Sept 2001157 viewsAN-2T c/n 117411 ex-NVA 440 (54+01). Storm damaged in 2010 in Bonn-Hangelar and repaired using parts of D-FWJO
Aero Troika
Mar 06, 2014
D-FKMA Wellesbourne Mountford 21 Sept 2001161 viewsAn-2T c/n 117411 ex-NVA 440 (54+01). SLS GmbH
Damaged in storm Bonn Hangelar Aug 2010 and repaired using parts from D-FWJO. SLS GmbH
Aero Troika
Mar 06, 2014
UR-CHT on airways 15 Nov 2013159 viewsAn-26 cn 77305901 of Meridian, heading eastJan 01, 2014
CCCP-85035 Hannover 15 May 1990165 viewsThe aircraft designated Tu-155 was used as a testbed for alternative fuels. Built 1972 as Tu-154B, cn 73A035. The starboard engine is an NK-88, a modification of an NK-8-2. Liquified gas, formerly hydrogen, lately natural gas was stored in the aft. First flight with hydrogen fuel was on 15th April 1988. Aircraft operations ceased in 1993.Dec 11, 2013
CCCP-85035 Hannover 15 May 1990176 viewsThe cryogenic crew - I had the pleasure of escorting them on a shopping spree to Hannover city. Each one had 10DM, and were suitably shocked when they found out it didn't go very far!
The crew commander, Vladimir Sevan’kaev, co-pilot Andrey Talakin, flight engineers Yuriy Kremlev and Anatoliy Kriulin, and chief test engineer Valeriy Arkhipov were included in the crew of the Tu-155.
Dec 11, 2013
CCCP-85035 Hannover 15 May 1990292 viewsTu-155 c/n 73A035 (the cryogenic 154) and yours truly.
Built as a Tu-154 but later modified for use as an engine test bed for gaseous fuel, with No2 engine replaced with an NK-88. Initially Hydrogen powered, it was later modified to use liquefied natural gas. Performed at least 100 test flights. Operated by the Gromov Flight Research Institute and based at Zhukovsky.
Dec 11, 2013
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