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Last additions - Russian & Eastern European Aircraft
IL-28 VVS Oranienburg nr. Berlin260 viewsGenerally a forbidden snapshot, but perhaps taken around 1974.Nov 15, 2008
IL-28 VVS Oranienburg nr. Berlin242 viewsGenerally a forbidden snapshot, but perhaps taken around 1974.Nov 15, 2008
An-22 08834 Finow Eberswalde 10 May 1992225 views(c) address invalid, now gmail.comNov 15, 2008
MiG-29K 312 Russian Navy Bangalore India 2000315 viewsNov 15, 2008
597 Su-30 Flanker-C Ribnitz-Damgarten 27 July 1992 Дамгартен314 viewsFlown by test pilot Anatoli Kvotchur, Gromov Research Institute c/n 79371010102Nov 15, 2008
MiG-21F-13 705 NVA Dresden 5. Nov 1990234 viewsentrance to VEB Flugzeugwerft Dresden Airport. Later to Flugplatz Welzow.

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Nov 15, 2008
MiG-29K 109 Russian Navy Bangalore India 2000363 viewsOn my way home, our Boeing parked next to this machine at Bombay Airport, where it had gone u/s during trials with the Indian Navy!Nov 15, 2008
An-2T D-FOKK Berlin Schönefeld 1990233 viewsc/n 19504 ex-DM-SKK
At the BSF base.
Nov 14, 2008
Baade 152 at Rothenburg Feb 1993263 viewsThe ill-fated East German jet airliner. The air base at Rothenburg received two hulls for use as pilots' recreation rooms. One was buried, this one, no. 11, survived and was put on show, first at Dresden Klotsche, then in Berlin Gatow. The 152 programme was stopped in 1961 following the fatal crash in 1958 of one of the only two to have been completed.Nov 14, 2008
Baade 152 at Rothenburg 1991280 viewsNov 14, 2008
IL-14 BL-549 Indian Air Force316 viewsfurther details unknown.Nov 14, 2008
An-2TP SP-FAL at Johannesburg 1992218 viewsDisplayed at Aviation Africa, Jan SmutsNov 14, 2008
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