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Baade 152 at Rothenburg Feb 1993251 viewsThe ill-fated East German jet airliner. The air base at Rothenburg received two hulls for use as pilots' recreation rooms. One was buried, this one, no. 11, survived and was ptt on show, first at Dresden lotsche, then in Berlin Gatow. The 152 programme was stopped in 1961 following the fatal crash in 1958 of one of the only two to have been completed.Nov 14, 2008
Baade 152 at Rothenburg 1991270 viewsNov 14, 2008
IL-14 BL-549 Indian Air Force304 viewsfurther details unknown.Nov 14, 2008
An-2TP SP-FAL at Johannesburg 1992212 viewsDisplayed at Aviation Africa, Jan SmutsNov 14, 2008
An-2 SP-FBO Cranfield 1997225 viewsSP-FBO (cn 1G108-55) Formally Polish Air Force 0855, re-registered 2001 as RA-02974.Nov 14, 2008
RA-41900 An-38-120 at Bangalore India 1998227 viewsc/n cn 3801003
For some reason they dropped the RA from the registration. It later saw service in Vietnam.
Nov 14, 2008
Alan meets Anatoli at Ribnitz-Damgarten AB 27 July 1992 Дамгартен330 viewsAnatoli Kvotchur was based here during his military service. He later became MiG test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, brought a MiG-29 to Farnborough in 1988, ejected from his MiG-29 at Paris in 1989 (and I believe also in the Crimea), after which he started flying Sukhoi for the Gromov Institute. I had just stuck his Su-30 with a Jeppesen sticker when he came along...Nov 14, 2008
An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 19 Sept 1992239 viewsNov 14, 2008
An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 19 Sept 1992325 viewstaken from Tiger Moth D-ENDINov 14, 2008
An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 19 Sept 1992265 viewsscrapped on site 1995Nov 14, 2008
Su-30 05 Russian Navy Bangalore Air Show 1998598 viewsNov 14, 2008
Su-30 05 Russian Navy Bangalore Air Show 1998377 viewsNov 14, 2008
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