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P7350 Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005358 viewsSupermarine Spitfire Mk. 1, P7350 is the oldest airworthy Spitfire in the world and one of the only Spitfires still flying today to have actually fought in the Battle of Britain.
BoB Memorial Flight
G-HUPW (R4118) Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005351 viewsHawker Hurricane Mk.1
G-HUPW (R4118) Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005348 viewsHawker Hurricane Mk.1 c/n G592301 (Gloster Aircraft)
Peter Vacher's marvellous restoration of an authentic Battle of Britain aircraft, as described in his book. Owned by Peter and Polly until sold 2015. Now at Shuttleworth Trust Old Warden.
ML407 (G-LFIX) Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005347 viewsSpitfire IXT
ML407 (G-LFIX) Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005344 viewsSpitfire IXT. Built as a single-seater, ML407 saw service during WWII, and was later converted to two seats when in service with the Irish Air Corps. Purchased by Nick Grace and used for films such as Piece of Cake, it was taken over by his wife after his death in a motoring accident in 1988. Carolyn is the only current female Spitfire pilot in the world, and has been flying the Spitfire since 1990.
BM597 (G-MKVB) Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005343 viewsSpitfire LFVB. Shortly after the Air Fair, in September 2005 Spitfire BM597 became the first Spitfire to return to the Mediterranean island of Malta since the filming of Malta Story in 1952. It flew there together with Hurricane "Z5140" as part of the Merlins Over Malta project.

G-HUPW (R4118) Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005342 viewsHawker Hurricane Mk.1
G-APPL Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005342 viewsPercival Prentice
There was a heap of these - literally a heap - at Southend Airport in May 1958. Really good to see one still flying.
ZA947 Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005341 viewsDouglas DC-3/C-47 BBMF
G-FRGN Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005337 viewsPolly Vacher's famous Piper Dakota. Peter Vacher, restorer of Hurricane R4118, brought her in, Polly came by road...
G-ABWP Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005335 viewsSpartan Arrow, built in 1932!
P7350 Biggin Hill Air Fair 2005324 viewsSupermarine Spitfire Mk. 1
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