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Most viewed - Paris to Egypt, Sinai, Jordan May 2001
MiG-21 Egypt AF Hurghada 4 May 2001481 views
MiG-21 Egypt AF Hurghada 4 May 2001474 views
6 October Airport Cairo May 2001376 views
An-2 LY-AFC at Amman (Marka) Jordan 11 May 2001324 viewsSpotted on our trip to Egypt and Jordan:
LY-AFC c/n 1G165-24 ex- CCCP19710, to Israel (Megiddo Airstrip) (über Amman) as 4X-CYC, to RF-FLA (FLARF), back to Estonia, with tech stop in Szeged.
D-IAAM Rhodos-Maritsa 13 May 2001240 viewsCessna(Reims) FT.337G Pressurized Skymaster. This would be my mount for the return via Fano to Egelsbach.
c/n 0020/0270 ex-D-GAAM. Pilot Dr. Kuno Strauss with Hilde Mangold, author of 'Ein Himmliches Gefühl'
SU-222 Hurghada 11 May 2001238 viewsAerotechnik L-13SEH Vivat c/n 950606 ex-OK-5115 with the airfield director, having arrived from Aqaba in LX-AML. Next stop - Rhodes
MiG-15 UTI Aswan 4 May 2001214 viewsEgyptian Air Force. Spotted from the bus as we departed the airport. Apols for the poor quality!
SU-BBO 6 October Airport Cairo 2001212 viewsCessna 188 Agwagon
MiG-19 Aswan 4 May 2001203 viewsTaken from the bus as we departed the airport, having arrived from Abu Simbel.
6 October Airport Cairo May 2001198 views
Aqaba (on returning from Amman) May 2001183 viewsWe were parked on the new concrete apron which was surrounded by a tarmac strip. Holes had been dug for ground lighting but were unmarked. In his haste to get away first, the Mooney promptly taxied into one of them with his right undercarriage. Silence...
Aqaba (on returning from Amman) May 2001181 viewsThe Mooney was bodily lifted out of the hole, there was obviously no prop strike, Papa Zulu straightened the bent undercarriage door and the trip to Hurghada continued. No test flight, just go...amazing behaviour!
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