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Most viewed - North Weald 6 Sept 1991
North Weald 6 Sept 1991105 viewsFokker Dr.1 152/17 (G-BVGZ); P-51 Mustang (G-BIXL); Yak 52 '07';
Aero L-39; Spitfire JE-J, possibly MV268/MV293; a basket case (Hurricane IV KZ191) and perhaps a Yak-11..(G-KYAK).oh, and an F1 car signed by Fangio, (under wraps left)...and I believe a Jim Clark raced car...!
G-BVOE/N232J North Weald 6 Sept 1991105 viewsSea Fury FB.11 c/n 41H609972 for RCN TG114, to CF-OYF, N54M, N232J, G-BVOE, N232MB. One of two found in Canada, restored as N232J. Wrecked in a landing accident and acquired by the Sanders family who restored it again. Bristol Centaurus replaced by a Curtis-Wright R-3350-93 engine and since regularly races at Reno as 'September Fury'.
A.9507/N950JS North Weald 6 Sept 199190 viewsAirco DH-5 Replica
North Weald 6 Sept 199189 viewsTom standing in front of Beech D17S Staggerwing N19V (aka Beech UC-43-BH 44-67761, and in RAF service Beech Traveller Mk.I FT507, US Navy GB-2 32898, NC18 then N18V in 1956. Robs Lamplough in 1980 and in 1992 to the USA). We were therefore fortunate to see it at all!
WV499/G-BZRF North Weald 6 Sept 199188 viewsPercival Provost T.1 c/n PAC/56/062, deregd 22.02.05
J-1758/G-BLSD North Weald 6 Sept 199188 viewsDH112 Venom FB54 c/n 408 ex N203DM. Currently on display at the entrance to Grove Technology Park Oxon.
North Weald 6 Sept 199187 viewsVampire restorations project. Was this WZ507/G-VTII?? I think not.
WV499/G-BZRF North Weald 6 Sept 199187 views
EI-BRM North Weald 6 Sept 199186 viewsCessna 172 Iona National Airways/Irish Aero Club
121821/N513L North Weald 6 Sept 199183 viewsVultee BT-15 Valiant, to Kermit Weeks
N3455/G-AMSN North Weald 6 Sept 199182 viewsDouglas C-47 Dakota 4, c/n 16631/33379, Aces High named for Ian Drury (of the Blockheads)
North Weald 6 Sept 199181 viewsIs this Meteor VZ638/G-JETM that was acquired by Aces High in 1988?
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