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Su-30 05 Russian Navy Bangalore Air Show 1998587 views
Su-30 05 Russian Navy Bangalore Air Show 1998364 views
MiG-29K 109 Russian Navy Bangalore India 2000343 viewsOn my way home, our Boeing parked next to this machine at Bombay Airport, where it had gone u/s during trials with the Indian Navy!
An-22 CCCP-08834 Finow 1992338 views
Alan meets Anatoli at Ribnitz-Damgarten AB 27 July 1992 Дамгартен322 viewsAnatoli Kvotchur was based here during his military service. He later became MiG test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, brought a MiG-29 to Farnborough in 1988, ejected from his MiG-29 at Paris in 1989 (and I believe also in the Crimea), after which he started flying Sukhoi for the Gromov Institute. I had just stuck his Su-30 with a Jeppesen sticker when he came along...
An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 19 Sept 1992319 viewstaken from Tiger Moth D-ENDI
IL-14 BL-549 Indian Air Force298 viewsfurther details unknown.
597 Su-30 Flanker-C Ribnitz-Damgarten 27 July 1992 Дамгартен293 viewsFlown by test pilot Anatoli Kvotchur, Gromov Research Institute c/n 79371010102
MiG-29K 312 Russian Navy Bangalore India 2000293 views
701 Rothenburg 5. Nov 1990288 viewsThe building was to become a school, the MiG was to be taken down. A troop was sent from Cottbus with a couple from Bw. The locals organised a crane but the Bw got tired of waiting and had the pedestal sawn through, damaging the MiG beyond economical repair.
CCCP-77102 Paris Le Bourget May 1973288 views2nd prototype Tu-144S. Crashed 3 June 1973
CCCP-77102 Paris Le Bourget May 1973287 views2nd prototype Tu-144S. Crashed 3 June 1973
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