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CCCP-85035 Hannover 15 May 1990292 viewsTu-155 c/n 73A035 (the cryogenic 154) and yours truly.
Built as a Tu-154 but later modified for use as an engine test bed for gaseous fuel, with No2 engine replaced with an NK-88. Initially Hydrogen powered, it was later modified to use liquefied natural gas. Performed at least 100 test flights. Operated by the Gromov Flight Research Institute and based at Zhukovsky.
CCCP-77102 Paris Le Bourget May 1973281 views2nd prototype Tu-144S. Crashed 3 June 1973
Baade 152 at Rothenburg 1991270 views
An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 19 Sept 1992265 viewsscrapped on site 1995
0833 IL-14P Polish Air Force Speyer Airfield 3 April 1988259 viewsc/n 14600 0833, ex PolAF 005. Airlifted by GAF CH-53G to Sinsheim museum and painted in bogus Bulgarian Air Transport colours.
Baade 152 at Rothenburg Feb 1993251 viewsThe ill-fated East German jet airliner. The air base at Rothenburg received two hulls for use as pilots' recreation rooms. One was buried, this one, no. 11, survived and was ptt on show, first at Dresden lotsche, then in Berlin Gatow. The 152 programme was stopped in 1961 following the fatal crash in 1958 of one of the only two to have been completed.
IL-28 VVS Oranienburg nr. Berlin248 viewsGenerally a forbidden snapshot, but perhaps taken around 1974.
501 Farnborough Sept 1990240 viewsHungary MiG-21PF Fishbed D c/n 760501 s/n 501
Currently preserved at the Imperial War Museum at RAF Duxford
An-12WKP 9900902 Mahlwinkel 19 Sept 1992239 views
D-FWJH Schönhagen 22 Jun 1992235 viewsAn-2TD c/n 1G142-33 ex-DDR-WJH
IL-28 VVS Oranienburg nr. Berlin235 viewsGenerally a forbidden snapshot, but perhaps taken around 1974.
An-225230 views
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