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D-FOND, D-FONE Fürstenwalde 10 Nov 1990180 viewsFOND An-2TP c/n 19508 ex-DDR-SKD, Lsk-815
FONE An-2T c/n 181(473)18 ex-DDR-SKE, Lsk-459
Both wearing Air Touristik stickers.
on the left M-18A Dromader DDR-TLU, one of six in store, plus 17 Z-37s.
CCCP-06041175 viewsMil Mi-26T c/n 34001212431
CCCP-85035 Hannover 15 May 1990172 viewsThe cryogenic crew - I had the pleasure of escorting them on a shopping spree to Hannover city. Each one had 10DM, and were suitably shocked when they found out it didn't go very far!
The crew commander, Vladimir Sevan’kaev, co-pilot Andrey Talakin, flight engineers Yuriy Kremlev and Anatoliy Kriulin, and chief test engineer Valeriy Arkhipov were included in the crew of the Tu-155.
HA-LIQ171 viewsLisunov Li-2T c/n 23441206 probably at Bud-Csepel, moved to Bud-Ferihegy airport
D-FOND ILA May 1996170 viewsAn-2TP c/n 19508 ex-DDR-SKD, NVA-815
7912170 viewsMiG-21PFM in CZAF Service 1968-1991, 1slp, 11 fighter, 8 slp scrapped 28.4.1994
B-2047170 viewsMi-2 c/n 5311147060 Kbely scrapped 5.6.1996
DM-WKA, WEJ Neuhausen/Cottbus 1970169 viewsDM-WKA Zlin Z.326A Akrobat c/n 555, Aeroclub der DDR converted to Z.526AS and re-regd D-EWTR. Restored
DM-WEJ Zlin Z.226T Trener c/n 243 to D-EWEJ
Photo by H.Ende Schönhagen, supplied by Johannes Höntsch 4.6.91
4916169 viewsMiG-21U-600 (21US) Mongol-Bc/n 8170548551. Kbely collection but stored off-site Prag-Letnany 2011 together with 5735 (MiG-23BN), 0302 (MiG-21PF), 0848 (MiG-21US) and 1013 (MiG-21F-13)
DDR-SKA ILA Hannover 15 May 1990168 viewsAn-2 c/n 1G 8648 to D-FOKA, ES-CAD
HA-MHG168 viewsAn-2M c/n 601220 (Russian-built) Budapest-Csepel (Aviation Technical School) instructional airframe
5153166 viewsMil Mi-4 c/n 05153 built Kazan plant no. 387 ex-Kosice, to mil Museum Piestany Slovakia 2009
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