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Most viewed - Russian & Eastern European Aircraft
D-FKMA Wellesbourne Mountford 21 Sept 2001156 viewsAn-2T c/n 117411 ex-NVA 440 (54+01). SLS GmbH
Damaged in storm Bonn Hangelar Aug 2010 and repaired using parts from D-FWJO. SLS GmbH
Aero Troika
OK-RIE Grenchen Jun 1994156 viewsAn-2 c/n 117413 Aeroklub cech a Moravy operated by An-2 Fan Club Schweiz
16y Mi-24 Hassleben 14 Apr 1991156 views
5803154 viewsAntonov An-24RV c/n 97305803 6 dlp, to Slovak AF seen SXF 15.6.92, FRA 28.2.96, RIAT 19.7.96 2005 at Kosice
HA-YHD154 viewsAn-2 c/n 1G187-36 spotted Bud-Csepel 2007 and still airworthy 2014
OK-MCI154 viewsAvia-14-32A c/n 805119 ex-CSA ex-311 Bomber Sqn.
Named 'Gottwaldov'. Stored Kbely
OK-VHA152 viewsAn-2P c/n 1G238-53 Horizont Air to S5-CAO based Lesce-Bled Slovenia along with several others
D-FKMA Wellesbourne Mountford 21 Sept 2001151 viewsAN-2T c/n 117411 ex-NVA 440 (54+01). Storm damaged in 2010 in Bonn-Hangelar and repaired using parts of D-FWJO
Aero Troika
OK-VHC151 viewsAn-2P c/n 1G238-24
Unimax Air Service owned by Milan Horvat, Czech Antonov Display Team based at Hradec Kralove LKHK
D-ESUA Leipzig-Zwochau 9 May 1992150 viewsLET Z-37A Cmelak
9147 Tabor CZ 31 Aug 1989150 viewsMi-4 c/n 09147. I have only now connected this Mi-4 to the one I saw almost exactly ten years later in the museum at Weston Super Mare. Well done Elfan!
LZ-BAC Maastricht 30 Oct 1992149 viewsLZ-BAC 1965 Antonov An-12B c/n 6343708 with CCCP-76479 in the background and a Royal Jordanian B707 (possibly JY-AEB Gamair) inbetween.
The IL-76TD c/n 0053460790 once carried Polar colours
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