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Most viewed - Russian & Eastern European Aircraft
OK-MCI164 viewsAvia-14-32A c/n 805119 ex-CSA ex-311 Bomber Sqn.
Named 'Gottwaldov'. Stored Kbely
HA-YHD163 viewsAn-2 c/n 1G187-36 spotted Bud-Csepel 2007 and still airworthy 2014
OK-VHA162 viewsAn-2P c/n 1G238-53 Horizont Air to S5-CAO based Lesce-Bled Slovenia along with several others
OK-VHC162 viewsAn-2P c/n 1G238-24
Unimax Air Service owned by Milan Horvat, Czech Antonov Display Team based at Hradec Kralove LKHK
4142161 viewsMil Mi-4 12 Helicopter Regiment Olomouc, last flight 14.4.86 Kbely-Metuji, signifying the end of Mi-4 activity.
LZ-BAC Maastricht 30 Oct 1992158 viewsLZ-BAC 1965 Antonov An-12B c/n 6343708 with CCCP-76479 in the background and a Royal Jordanian B707 (possibly JY-AEB Gamair) inbetween.
The IL-76TD c/n 0053460790 once carried Polar colours
OK-JIQ158 viewsAn-2R c/n 1G186-28
SP-FBZ158 viewsAn-2 c/n 1G238-52 Aeroglobo to-SP-FBR and spotted Trenton Canada 12 June 1999
CCCP-82060 An-225 Mrija Farnborough 8 Sept 1990156 viewsThe only 225 completed, it had appeared the year before at Paris carrying the Buran space shuttle on its back. Its 6 Progress D-18-T turbofans produce 309,540 lbs of thrust! Still employed for oversize freight jobs.
0829156 viewsMil Mi-8S (8PS-9) written off 2001 due fuel starvation remains to Kbely 2007
4012156 viewsMiG-29A c/n 2960532040
to Polish AF
25+20 Sinsheim Oct 1996155 viewsSU-22M-4 c/n 26307 25+20, NVA-704 in primer paint prior to getting its current scheme as '798' in festive colours.

Canberra behind is a B.2 99+36 ex YA-153, D-8567, WK138
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