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D-6249 Bienenfarm 20 Mar 1994207 viewsPZL Bielsko SZD-9 Bocian, currently at Rechlin (Lärz) 2014
Bienenfarm (EDOI) 20 Mar 1994203 viewsOur visit here was not planned, but was the day after Wittstock open day (which we missed...thanks to a friend giving us the wrong date!). We were eyed with suspicion because they thought we were from the faction trying to close the airfield. We convinced them we were not! Happily, it's still open today (2014)
D-KMAB Bienenfarm 20 Mar 1994201 viewsScheibe SF-25B c/n 46107D
D-KAPF Bienenfarm 20 Mar 1994200 viewsScheibe SF-25B c/n 4669, to Hungary as HA-1206 7/2001
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